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The Trust has an overarching ethos that is articulated through: a Motto; a Mission; and a set of Values. There is, therefore, an open, conscious and emotional ‘buy-in’ to the Trust from its Academies.


sic itur ad astra

‘by the good deeds you do, you will be remembered in the stars for eternity’ Aeneid, Virgil

In addition to this overarching motto, each academy has its own motto.


To improve the life chances of our pupils so they become true citizens of the world.


Achieving excellence through:
Nurturing deeply cultured, reflective and philosophical thinkers of the future.
Empowering intellectual curiosity, active learning and inquisitiveness.
Fostering empathy, mutual respect and courtesy in a global community.
Championing integrity, resilience and the value of personal endeavour.
Igniting a sense of awe and wonder, moral conviction and ambition.


Each academy has a charter, which demonstrates how it will support the Trust in achieving its Mission.  Each Charter is in two parts. The first part of the Charter, which is common to all Academies, is an explanation of how each Academy can contribute to the development of the Trust.  The second part, which is unique to each Academy, identifies how the Academy can ensure continued progress.


This is the agreement signed by every parent/carer and student on entry to one of our academies.

The Trust Contract ‘Online’

In order that this contract is not just a vague promise that is easily forgotten, we have made sure that as partners in the contract we have specific guidelines to follow. For each partner, we have reproduced their element of the Contract on a specific web page with hyperlinks to the supporting guidelines, basic expectations and general information.