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The City of Lincoln Grammar School, and later Community College, has a long and distinguished tradition. The Priory City of Lincoln Academy builds on that proud past. We develop in students a passion for learning and for an active involvement in the wider life of the school. Success in the modern world requires a wide range of skills. 

The Academy aims for the very highest standards of teaching and learning in all curriculum areas and in the extensive extracurricular programme that is available. Our aim is that students should gain academic success while also having the opportunity to develop their individual talents and personal qualities in whatever direction they may lie.

Most importantly, we hope that students will enjoy and value their time at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy so that they leave us as happy, confident and well-rounded young people.

This website will give you an insight into life at the Academy, but we strongly encourage you to pay us a visit, talk to the students and the staff: you will find that this is a special place, with a special tradition and environment.

Mrs J Hopkinson




    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln