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Geography KS3 Photography Competition
Calling all budding photographers of the East Midlands!  Loughborough University have launched a Photography Competition for Key Stage 3 pupils in the East Midlands.
Theme : Geo-Heritage which is anything that highlights the importance of Geology to our lives - a beautiful landscape, an engineered site, a museum, historical site or structure featuring striking building stones. 
If you wish to enter this national competition please send your A4 entry to the address on the link below and also submit a copy to your Geography teacher so that this can be entered into the Academy competition.  The winner will have their entry on the desktop of the Federation computer systems.
Good luck  - Mr D Hackett, Head of Geography
Earth Sciences Week

Welcome to The Priory City of Lincoln Academy.

We are an 11 to 18 academy able to accommodate more than 800 students. Our students and staff share an excellent working environment, surrounded by state-of-the art teaching areas, purpose-built sporting facilities and reflective gardens.

Outstanding classroom practitioners with a passion for teaching and learning, coupled with an extensive extra-curricular programme, ensure our students maximise their academic development and personal enrichment during their secondary education.

Our strong partnerships between staff, students and families reinforce our high expectations with regard to academic success, uniform, behaviour and attendance.

Across our academy, we aim to 'ASPIRE'.  We want our students to become: Ambitious; Successful; Polite; Independent; Resilient; and Empowered, because we believe these are the key qualities needed by young people in today's society.

We encourage you to visit our academy. You will find this is a special place with a long and distinguished tradition.

Mrs J Hopkinson



    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln