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Alcohol and Drugs

Many people use drink or drugs to have fun, socialise with friends or to relax or deal with stress. But for some people, this can become excessive and out of control, which can lead to serious problems.

If drink or drugs are becoming too important people often find they start to neglect relationships and activities that they used to enjoy, or aren’t able to perform as well at work.

If you think drink or drugs are causing problems in your life it’s probably time to seek some help.

As a Trust, we can refer staff to counselling or CBT, if this is something you would wish to explore, please contact a member of the HR Team, or a member of SLT.

If you would like some further guidance and support on alcohol and drugs, then we would recommend the following websites.

  • Family Services Directory contains information on alcohol and drugs.
  • Drinkaware contains information about excessive drinking and how to seek support.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous have a free national helpline or a live chat option for instant support.
  • FRANK provides honest information about drugs.
  • NHS Choices – health effects of drugs and the support available in relation to drug addiction.