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All Benefits

The Trust offers a range of initiatives and benefits, including financial, retail discounts, and other benefits to help support employee wellbeing.


Financial Benefits


The trust offers employees the opportunity to join either the Teachers’ Pension Scheme or the Local Government Pension Scheme, the allocated scheme for each employee will be dependent on the contract of employment and the employee meeting the schemes eligibility. More information on the schemes can be found on: Yorkshire Pension Fund and

AVC pension contributions – Prudential

Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) are payments you can accrue to provide additional benefits to your Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). Payments are paid monthly from your salary. Please visit: AVCs ( for more information.

VDU Eye Test

For employees who work long periods in front of monitors, computer screens and other VDU, it can cause eyestrain. Therefore, the Trust provides and funds a VDU eye examination to any employees using VDU through Specsavers, employees are required to contact Human Resources for a voucher before attending their appointment. The voucher entitles you to a full eye examination and £20 discount off glasses from the £99 range and above. If glasses are required solely and specifically for VDU you may also receive £45 at Specsavers to purchase from their range.


Retail Benefits

These are available for all employees, whether you are a Teacher or Support Staff.

Discounts for Teachers

There are huge discounts available for working in Education, just create an account, select where you want the discount for and follow the link (some companies you may need to copy and paste a discount code to redeem the offer). Please visit: Discounts For Teachers: Exclusive Discounts, Offers & Codes.

Teachers Discount

Create an account, you will need your Priory email address and Academy you work in (Central Services you can select any Academy), select where you want the discount for and follow the link (some companies you may need to copy and paste a discount code to redeem the offer). Please visit: Home | Teachers Discount


You will need to join ‘My Morrisons’ initially, login to your Morrisons account, and search for ‘Teachers Club’, you will need to input your Priory email address and Academy. Check your Priory emails and activate your discount.

You will receive:

  • Offers
  • Money-off coupons
  • Special treats

Cycle to Work Scheme

The trust operates a cycle to work scheme with Evans Cycles. More information on this scheme can be found at:
The Priory Federation of Academies Trust - Cycle to Work (


Employee Wellbeing

Counselling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The Trust has a confidential employee counselling service in Lincoln and Grantham, providing professional advice and support for difficulties that you may face either at work or home. The Trust offers 6 free one hour sessions.

Gym Membership Discounts

One NK

One NK gym, in Lincoln also offer the Trust Employees Corporate Discount, this is only £25.80 per month (usually £27.00).

This gym include a pool and classes, you will have to show evidence of your ID Badge, or payslip for this gym to acknowledge this benefit.

Active Nation

Active Nation Gyms at Yarborough and Birchwood in Lincoln, both offer a Trust Employees Corporate Discount.

This is only £24.00 per month (usually £32.00), Yarborough does have a pool however this is currently closed, once reopened Yarborough’s monthly cost will be £29.00.

Please note, Birchwood does not have a swimming pool.

Please call the Campaign Team on 01522 304440, or email

Central Wellness, Lincoln

Central Wellness is a fully equipped yoga studio and wellness centre where everyone can learn, teach and practice different elements of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. As an employee of the Trust you are entitled to 10% off attending a class. To find out more information email


Lincoln City Foundation

Utilising the brand and reputation of Lincoln City Football Club, and the influence of our key partners, Lincoln City Foundation are aiming to inspire, empower, and help individuals and communities to improve their physical, social, and mental wellbeing. Some of the adult sessions they offer include: walking football, both mens and ladies, team talk and fighting fit, please visit Health and Wellbeing | Mental Health | Physical Health | Lincoln City Foundation to find out more.

Please note, we are actively seeking to secure more benefits for you!