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The Priory Federation of Academies Trust

The Priory Federation of Academies Trust (PFAT) was formed in September 2008 with a mission to raise the educational standards and improve the life chances of students in the Lincolnshire area. There are currently eight Academies within the Federation:
The Priory Academy LSST, Lincoln
The Priory Witham Academy, Lincoln
The Priory City of Lincoln Academy, Lincoln
The Priory Ruskin Academy, Grantham
The Priory Pembroke Academy, Cherry Willingham
The Priory Belvoir Academy, Bottesford
Ling Moor Primary Academy, North Hykeham
Heighington Millfield Primary Academy, Heighington


The PFAT has three Members, including The Priory Fundraising Trust, which is the Sponsor of PFAT. The Members' role is to monitor the effectiveness and propriety of the PFAT in holding the Academies to account.

The current Members are:
Howard Gee
Deborah Harry
The Priory Fundraising Trust 

The Priory Federation of Academies Trust: The Trust

The Trust is the legal governing body for all of the Academies within the Federation and is ultimately responsible for the strategic development, the ethos and the management of the Federation and the Academies contained within the Federation.

The Sponsor of the Federation is The Priory Fundraising Trust. The Sponsor has a majority on the Board of Trustees.

The Trust Board comprises:

  1. Trustee appointed by PFAT Members: Howard Gee (Chair of the Trust)

  2. Sponsor Trustee: Simon Richardson (Vice-Chair of the Trust)

  3. Sponsor Trustee: Frank Knowles

  4. Sponsor Trustee: Jane Powell

  5. Sponsor Trustee: Peter Houten

  6. Sponsor Trustee: Representative of Churchill College, University of Cambridge (Richard Partington)

  7. Sponsor Trustee: Laura Gillanders

  8. Ex-Officio Trustee: Ian Jones (Chief Executive of the Federation)

  9. Trustee appointed by PFAT Members: Vacant

In addition, each Head of Academy is accountable to, and involved in, the Trust.

The Trust meets regularly as a Full Board and, at set intervals, as specific committees. Currently, these are: Education & Standards; Finance; Audit; Pay, Performance & HR; and Health & Safety Strategy.

Trustees can be contacted through the Clerk to the Trust, Martin Mammatt, on 01522 871370; or via

Trust Committee Chairs

Education & Standards Chair - Frank Knowles
Finance Chair - Laura Gillanders
Audit Chair - Jane Powell
Pay, Performance & HR Chair - Simon Richardson

The Academies

The Academies have their own structures of accountability.

The Academy Local Governing Bodies

In addition to the Trust, there is a Local Governing Body (LGB) for each of the Academies. The LGBs operate much as an individual school governing body would. Where the Trust is responsible for the overarching strategic direction of the Federation as a whole, the LGB works on a more day-to-day basis with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of the Academy.

Priory LSST Chair - John Weir
Priory Witham Chair - Patrick Smith-Howell
Priory City of Lincoln Chair - Michael Baker
Priory Ruskin Chair - Steve Milner
Priory Pembroke Chair - Tracey Wood
Priory Belvoir Chair Designate - Dominic Cullen
Ling Moor Primary Chair - Chris Defraine

Quality Assurance and Consistency

Each member of the SLT in each Academy is responsible for a specific area of the Academy’s Self Evaluation (SEF), including its monitoring and development, as well as the award of an overall judgement for this area. Furthermore, each member of the SLT is linked to a member of the Academy’s Committee. The Committee member acts as a Critical Friend with particular reference to the SEF. 

To ensure consistency across the Federation, each area of the SEF, in effect, becomes a Federation sub-committee comprising the member of SLT responsible for that area from each Academy. Judgements in each of the Academies can be moderated at these meetings.