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Introducing our Wellbeing Champions

Central Services

Mrs R King

Miss S Seggari

The Priory Academy LSST

Mrs J Heckford-Lindridge

Mr D Goffe

Mrs R Hughes

Mrs L A Smith

Miss J Bosier

Miss K Tunnard

The Priory Witham Academy

Ms R Wilkinson

Ms M Seller

Miss M Poole

Mr O Copping

Mrs P Creeth

The Priory City of Lincoln Academy

Mrs C Bramwell

Miss D Cass

The Priory Ruskin Academy

Ms S J Cipiers

Mr A Webb

The Priory Belvoir Academy

Mr L Waddingham

The Priory Pembroke Academy

Mrs T Hepplestone

Mrs M Cooper

Miss R Hale

Ling Moor Priory Academy

Mrs M Taylor

Heighington Millfield Priory Academy

Mr J Beaven

Huntingtower Community Priory Academy

Mrs K Smith

Mrs M Evans

Waddington Redwood Priory Academy

Miss D Belcher

Cherry Willingham Priory Academy

Mrs J Lowe

Willoughby Priory Academy

Mrs H Hull